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Thrive Fantasy TNF Lineup (ATLvsCAR)

If you didn’t know I am a lifelong Carolina Panthers fan, so I’m pumped to have this Thursday Night Thrive Fantasy Lineup going. 

Thrive Fantasy is where Prop Bets meet Daily Fantasy Sports.  Basically, you pick the “over” or “under” in 10 out of 20 possible player props. Then, points are awarded based on correct picks.  In my contest this week, 1st-13th place takes home some cash and there’s a maximum of only 56 participants.

Use promo code “VIG” when signing up and Thrive will match your deposit up to $50 ($20 minimum).

Here’s my lineup for tonight!  #KeepPounding

Thrive Fantasy NFL TNF Rush

Matt RyanUnder 27.5 Completions = 90 PTS
Todd Gurley IIOver 67.5 Rush Yards = 100 PTS
Todd Gurley IIOver 0.5 Rush TDs = 110 PTS
Julio JonesOver 4.5 Receptions = 80 PTS
Calvin RidleyOver 0.5 Receiving TDs = 115 PTS
Teddy BridgewaterUnder 2.5 Pass TDs + INTs = 85 PTS
Mike DavisOver 0.5 Rush TDs + Rec. TDs = 100 PTS
Robby AndersonOver 71.5 Receiving Yards = 85 PTS
Robby AndersonOver 6.5 Receptions = 110 PTS
Joey SlyeOver 7.5 Points = 100 PTS

Yes, I know. EIGHT overs. Life is too short to take the under and of course I’m going to root for the Panthers to have themselves a night.

Check out my Twitter and the Podcast for mine and J‘s picks and send me your lineups!

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Should Alvin Kamara be Traded?

Twitter is going absolutely nuts right now over rumors that the New Orleans Saints are reportedly open to trading RB Alvin Kamara.

This comes after news from Adam Schefter that Kamara may be holding out due to contract related reasons and has been absent from training camp for the past 3 days.

As a Carolina Panthers fan, this is great news to me. Alvin Kamara potentially out of the division and at the very least, perhaps some displeasure between Kamara and the Saints’ organization. It is reported that the Saints are willing to pay Alvin Kamara upwards of $12 million per year, making him a top 5 paid RB. However, Kamara is reportedly looking to get closer to McCaffrey’s $16 million extension he signed this past April. This is no surprise if you remember AK’s reaction to McCaffrey’s extension live on Twitch back in April.

$12 million and $16 million is quite a big discrepancy and I’m not sure how either sides of this negotiation will move forward. Also, the Saints are reportedly looking to win now considering that Brees could be admitted into assisted living by tomorrow, yet they pay Taysom Hill $21 million and can’t cough up a few more for a potentially top 5 back? If you want to win now, you make sure your star running back is happy. Should he be traded? Absolutely not. Do I want him to be traded? 100%. I actually really like the guy and would root for him every Sunday if he wasn’t in New Orleans.