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Thrive Fantasy TNF Lineup (ATLvsCAR)

If you didn’t know I am a lifelong Carolina Panthers fan, so I’m pumped to have this Thursday Night Thrive Fantasy Lineup going. 

Thrive Fantasy is where Prop Bets meet Daily Fantasy Sports.  Basically, you pick the “over” or “under” in 10 out of 20 possible player props. Then, points are awarded based on correct picks.  In my contest this week, 1st-13th place takes home some cash and there’s a maximum of only 56 participants.

Use promo code “VIG” when signing up and Thrive will match your deposit up to $50 ($20 minimum).

Here’s my lineup for tonight!  #KeepPounding

Thrive Fantasy NFL TNF Rush

Matt RyanUnder 27.5 Completions = 90 PTS
Todd Gurley IIOver 67.5 Rush Yards = 100 PTS
Todd Gurley IIOver 0.5 Rush TDs = 110 PTS
Julio JonesOver 4.5 Receptions = 80 PTS
Calvin RidleyOver 0.5 Receiving TDs = 115 PTS
Teddy BridgewaterUnder 2.5 Pass TDs + INTs = 85 PTS
Mike DavisOver 0.5 Rush TDs + Rec. TDs = 100 PTS
Robby AndersonOver 71.5 Receiving Yards = 85 PTS
Robby AndersonOver 6.5 Receptions = 110 PTS
Joey SlyeOver 7.5 Points = 100 PTS

Yes, I know. EIGHT overs. Life is too short to take the under and of course I’m going to root for the Panthers to have themselves a night.

Check out my Twitter and the Podcast for mine and J‘s picks and send me your lineups!

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CFB Week 4 Picks

We’re 3-5 on the cfb season so far.  Not great, but it’s early – we’re still learning!  We had one of the worst losses you’ll ever see last week after Tulane blew a 24-0 lead with Navy scoring 27 unanswered, that’s just a loss that you cannot have.  If you follow me on Twitter, you can see the other picks I take throughout the day because 4 is obviously not enough.  Last week I added Troy -2.5 and Miami 1H ML, so in reality I went 4-2 and we’re even on the year, but who’s counting? 

Let’s get into this week’s card.

Middle Tennessee at Texas San Antonio -6.5, o/u 60 – Friday, 8PM on CBSSN

Friday Night Lights! Which means we all have an obligation to bet this game.  Last week, I took Troy -2.5 against Middle Tennessee and it was never in doubt, with Troy coming out on top 47-14.  Middle Tennessee has now lost their first two contests at a combined score of 89-14…yikes.  On the other side, UTSA had an absolute shootout in Week 1 against Texas State winning 51-48 in OT and have found themselves in a hot streak after beating SF Austin 24-10 last week.  The play here seems pretty obvious, 6.5 points is not even close to enough for a team that can hardly manage to score a TD per game.  Middle Tennessee has no run defense (allows 290 yds/gm) and UTSA loves run the ball all over your face (280 yds/gm).  I see this covering easily to start your weekend off right.

My Pick:  UTSA -6.5, this is a 5 out of 5 confidence rating. I can’t give a lock on Friday night!

#24 Louisville at #21 Pittsburgh -3, o/u 55.5 – NOON on ACCN

I had Pittsburgh -21.5 last week against Syracuse and it was just a disgusting game to watch no matter who you were rooting for.  I hear a lot of hype around Kenny Pickett, but overall I wasn’t very impressed.  His stat line is ok, but watching the game, his decision making was very questionable and he had a lot of bad passes.  He seems like a guy who won’t lose the game for you, but he also won’t win it for you either.  I also had Miami beating Louisville last week which was never close.  I think Miami could be the real deal this year, so I don’t want to look at that game as a major failure by Louisville – they’re just not a major contender while Miami very well could be. 

Malik Cunningham is a playmaker and will see a challenge this week against a stout Pittsburgh defense that is only allowing 26 ypg on the ground .  To be fair, Miami’s defense is supposed to be stout as well and Louisville still managed to rack up 34 points.  With Pittsburgh’s offense being lackluster to say the least, I think that Louisville should be able to contain them enough to allow their offensive firepower to be the difference maker.  Louisville should be the favorite in this game. Take the free points if you’re scared of a little juice, but you’re not scared of the juice.

My Pick:  Louisville ML +125, this is my lock of the week.

Mississippi State at #6 LSU -17, o/u 57.5 – 3:30 PM on CBS

Oct 20, 2018; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; Mississippi State Bulldogs running back Kylin Hill (8) is tackled by LSU Tigers defensive end Rashard Lawrence (90) during the first quarter at Tiger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

To nobody’s surprise, LSU has had to do a lot of rebuilding coming into this year.  Of course, when you win a national title you’re going to lose a lot of your guys to the NFL so this is to be expected.  Still, it makes you wonder what exactly we’ll be seeing this year from the Tigers and Coach O.  Mississippi State is now in the Air Raid era of Mike Leach.  For those of you who have been following us from our XFL beginnings, Mike Leach’s mentor is the legendary Hal Mumme (former OC for the Dallas Renegades and the air raid Don). 

LSU’s defense will be put to the test against this Air Raid Offense and I expect Mississippi State to see the endzone a few times.  On the other side of the ball, Mississippi State’s defense is arguably the worst in the SEC and we all know what LSU is capable of (the over was 10-5 last season).  The over is the play here and I think everyone has their eye on it. (WARNING: The over is 0-5 in these programs last 5 matchups)

My Pick:  Over 57.5, this is a 3 out of 5 confidence rating.

West Virginia at #15 Oklahoma State -7, o/u 51.5 – 3:30 PM on ABC

We really don’t have much to evaluate on West Virginia’s side.  They stomped an FCS team in Eastern Kentucky 56-10, but does that hold any weight? This week will be their first true test of the season and they did have two weeks to prepare, so take that into account more than their beatdown on that poor Eastern Kentucky team. 

Oklahoma State was a major let down for a lot of people last week after only scoring 16 against a Tulsa team they were supposed to blow out.  A win is a win though, so it’s on to the next week and on to West Virginia.  I’m still really high on the Cowboys, but this week is all going to come down to Spencer Sanders health.  He injured his ankle against Tulsa and the offense looked atrocious from that point on. Yes, Chuba Hubbard is an NFL prospect and yes, Tylan Wallace is incredible – BUT, Ethan Bullock is terrible and who knows about Shane Illingworth. If Spencer Sanders is healthy and ready to go, I’ll take Oklahoma State all the way up to -10.

My Pick:  Oklahoma State -7, this is a 4 out of 5 confidence rating*.

*Pending Spencer Sanders’ health.

Check out the Podcast every week for our CFB and NFL picks/analysis!

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Nobody Cares About Your Fantasy Football Team

It’s that time of year again, folks. Fantasy Football is back and I couldn’t be more excited for it. For a while, it was looking like football probably wasn’t going to happen but I think we’re in the clear. We’re all excited to be back, but it is time to tackle the epidemic that has been sweeping the nation since the dawn of time.

You need to stop telling people how awesome your fantasy football team is.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being obsessed with your lineup and thinking you’re an absolute mastermind. I’m guilty of rosterbating just as much as the next guy. All of the fun of fantasy is thinking you know football way more than any of your buddies and getting to rub it in their faces at the end of the year. Just please spare everyone in your life who is not in your league and keep it to yourself. I’m not talking about the guys asking you for lineup advice, that’s fine. Just don’t show me your squad because your ego needs a boost.

Oh, you’re in four leagues and you want to show me how stacked your team in each one of them is? Hang on a second while I drill out my ear drums so I don’t have to listen to this. I don’t care that Adam Thielen fell to the fifth-round so you “just had to scoop him up”. Congratulations. I don’t care that you purchased every Fantasy Football for Dummies handbook and did 39 mock drafts in preparation. I promise you that no one cares about your fantasy lineup even one-tenth as much as you do.

The worst part about people who do this, is when they show you their team and follow it up with, “so what do you think?” Uh, I don’t care, guy. I think that you have a fantasy football team like the rest of America. If you want my genuine opinion, then I’ll have to look at everyone else’s rosters and probably have to start doing some sort of math, which is where I clock out.

Don’t be an Andre.

With all of this being said, Venmo me $10 and I will gladly rank your fantasy squad for you on an A-F scale. Also, my draft is Saturday, so in the meantime check out my squad from last year and let me know what you think, I think it was pretty stacked.

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College Football is Back

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the 2020-2021 College Football Season officially kicks off tonight.

The Central Arkansas Bears are set to face the Austin Peay Governors in an FCS Showdown on ESPN at 9:00 PM EST. What do I know about this matchup? Absolutely nothing. What does that mean? HAMMER the over. Currently, the over/under is set at 43.5 and the Bears are 4-point favorites.

Since I know nothing about either of these teams (where is Austin Peay?) I obviously had to do some sort of research. Here’s what I found:

These two teams faced off last year with Central Arkansas coming out on top 24-16. However, the Bears entered the 4th quarter with only 10 points. They only had 2 red zone appearance’s in 15 total drives. What I also learned is that Central Arkansas has an explosive passing attack but an abysmal rushing game (118th/124 in rushing for the 2019 season).

Austin Peay will be without their head coach, Mark Hudspeth, this season who resigned in July. Many experts are saying that Austin Peay should be the favorites in this matchup; I believe the resignation of Hudspeth could be the main factor in them being underdogs. Last year, Austin Peay accomplished a co-conference championship and an FCS Quarterfinals appearance where they lost to Montana State 24-10. Prior to that loss, they won 7 straight and averaged 40.7 ppg (helloooo over). Their quarterback, Jeremiah Oatsvall, is returning after missing almost all of the 2019 season and he is one of the top dual-threat QBs in the FCS.

Look at us, we started this blog knowing nothing about either of these teams. Now, we hardly know anything still, but we know enough to justify my picks for the night:

Austin Peay +4 (-120) – I don’t think I’ve seen a single person pick Central Arkansas for this game, which worries me. It leaves you in a catch-22 because you’re either an idiot for fading the public or an idiot for not capitalizing on a mis-represented Austin Peay team. If I’m going to be an idiot, I’d rather be an idiot with everyone else. An incredible second half of the 2019 season with a disappointing finish, paired with their star quarterback returning should give this team a bit of a spark to pick up right where they left off. I can see this being a 3-point game so +4 is exactly where I want to be.

OVER 43.5 (-110) – this is my lock of the night. First, I am thrilled to have locks back on the table. Second, this is being played on a neutral site and rumor is the turf is fast. Third and probably most importantly, if we are in a normal scenario here, this is an unwatched game. Instead we are in the bizarro-world of 2020 and with college football seemingly hanging in the balance, all eyes will be on this game. This is probably these kids’ Super Bowl and it will be an absolute shootout. I would take over 65 in this game if I could find the alternate line.

Good luck ladies and gents.

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Dany Garcia and ex-husband purchase the XFL

The first woman to ever own an entire professional sports league? Enter female blogger.

Excited to bring a different perspective to The Vig and looking forward to writing about some off the field, non-gambling related news.

Back to Dany Garcia. This woman is a QUEEN. I was excited to see The Rock post on social media that he had a female business partner. I was even more excited to see that she is now officially the first woman to own an entire professional sports league! Am I here to argue if the XFL qualifies as a “professional sports league”? NO! …I immediately dug into Dany’s history to learn more about how she got to where she is today and here’s what I found:

Who is Dany Garcia?

  • Dany is a BOSS. In the most literal way possible. Her resume is truly impressive. After beginning her finance career in 1992 at Merrill Lynch, she worked her way to Associate VP there within TEN YEARS. What an insanely short period of time to climb that ladder.
  • During that 10 years she also married Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and had their (now 19 year old) daughter, Simone. Yes, you read that correctly. The Rock and Dany Garcia are ex-spouses that are now partnering on quite an expensive and large business venture. Props to these two for maintaining a relationship strong enough to withstand the stormy weather that is sure to surround owning the XFL (right Vince?).
  • Not only was she married to The Rock, she also used to manage his career and produced several successful movies boasting a cast with stars like Meryl Streep and of course Dwayne Johnson (whom she calls DJ?!?).
  • Dany is also a professional bodybuilder and earned her IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Pro card in 2014.
  • All of this success has been earned by the ripe age of 51. Girl is a spring chicken and a first generation American citizen as her parents are Cuban immigrants. *Cue Beyonce “Run the World” now*

I want to be Dany when I grow up

Dany Garcia is truly role model material and a woman that every little girl should look up to. When asked about the XFL, Dany talks about how enthusiastic about the league she was last season. In an interview with Yahoo Sports, she goes on to say how excited she was about the opportunity to own it with “DJ”. When speaking about how impressive it was for a Latinx woman and a Black man to own a professional sports league, Dany’s response was “You know what, it wasn’t a deviation from my process: I pretty much lead everything that I own”… I’m sorry, what?! What kind of response? Every thing I read about her makes me want a shirt with her face on it. Thrilled to see what the XFL does this season under Dany’s fearless leadership. Is it appropriate to compare her with The Mother of Dragons because Dany & Dany?

“You know what, it wasn’t a deviation from my process: I pretty much lead everything that I own”- Dany Garcia