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Fins Up – Tua is Growing Before Our Eyes.

First of all, I am a huge Fitzmagic fan. Fitz has been a major asset to the Miami Dolphins from the day he walked into the locker room. He brought experience, class, and positivity to a team and fan base that has been down, emotionally, for years. I speak from experience being a fan since the beginning. I was 9 years old when the Fins had their undefeated season. So, this is the first time in a long time that I feel genuine hope for this team.

As a Fitz fan, I’d love to see him play but as a Dolphin fan I see where Brian Flores is going with this team. This is Tua’s team and he needs the game time experience to make those game time decisions. Never was it more apparent than in this week’s game against Kansas City. The defense started strong by forcing Mahomes into throwing as many interceptions, in the first quarter, as he’s had all season (2) and ran him into a 30 yard sack which is tied for the longest sack in NFL history. With the explosive KC offense, this was not sustainable all game but it gave the offense a chance to get settled.

As the game continued, it was apparent that Tua was not comfortable. Hanging in the pocket too long, throwing short on receivers, and losing targets to injury made the afternoon difficult for Tua. Forward to the fourth quarter where it seemed that Tua had been paying attention in class for the first three quarters because he became more mobile and was hitting his receivers with ease. Tua looked a lot more comfortable and the look that he had was a look of “relax, I got this.” And without an interception, that should have been pass interference, he may have.

Brian Flores knows what he is doing. His controversial move to play Tua over Fitz is working. Tua grew before our eyes this Sunday and showed teams and Fin fans why he was drafted. With Gaskin and Breida out before the game and losing Parker and Gesicki during the game, nobody should have expected that Miami could keep it close but Tua and the boys almost pulled it out.

This Dolphin fan is so excited about the rest of the season with New England, Las Vegas, and Buffalo ahead. Any other year I’d be hoping to win one of them. Now, I’m expecting to win all of them. FINS UP.