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Can the Carolina Panthers Finally Do Right by Cam Newton?

A Pattern of Disrespect and Inappropriate Behavior

As a lifelong Panthers fan, I’ve witnessed the organization’s mistreatment of some of the greatest players to ever grace the field in Charlotte. First, it was releasing Steve Smith Sr., arguably the best Carolina Panther of all time. Clearly, Steve didn’t want to be released and said if his next team visits Carolina, “If that happens to run through Bank of America Stadium, put your goggles on because there’s going to be blood and guts everywhere”. Next, they release Greg Olsen, another top 5 Panther of all time. Following his release, Olsen stated, “I never asked the team to let me go,” and went on to say “my pride was hurt”. Most recently, it was the mistreatment and disrespect shown towards Cam Newton.

Now, that’s not to say that the Panthers need to re-sign players just to appease fans like myself. However, it’s pretty clear that they have shown little respect to 3 of their top 5 talents of all time. I mean, at least give the guys a heads up you want to move on. Now, an opportunity has risen for them to right all of their wrongs. Second chances don’t come around often and you have to seize the opportunity when it presents itself. The Panthers can finally show Cam Newton the respect he has earned.

“What can be done?” you ask.

Hear me out. The New England Patriots currently sit 2 games out of 7th place in the AFC, the final wildcard spot…or is it? If any game gets cancelled, an 8th wildcard spot would be added. That would greatly increase Cam Newton’s and the Patriots’ playoff chances. So, if the Panthers can continue to ignore protocol and continue to congregate outside of team activities, then maybe, just maybe, they can spread the coronavirus within the organization enough to cancel this weekend’s game against Denver. Thus helping Cam Newton and repaying him for the best years of their short history in the NFL.

The ball is in your court, Carolina. Do the right thing.

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Thrive Fantasy TNF Lineup (ATLvsCAR)

If you didn’t know I am a lifelong Carolina Panthers fan, so I’m pumped to have this Thursday Night Thrive Fantasy Lineup going. 

Thrive Fantasy is where Prop Bets meet Daily Fantasy Sports.  Basically, you pick the “over” or “under” in 10 out of 20 possible player props. Then, points are awarded based on correct picks.  In my contest this week, 1st-13th place takes home some cash and there’s a maximum of only 56 participants.

Use promo code “VIG” when signing up and Thrive will match your deposit up to $50 ($20 minimum).

Here’s my lineup for tonight!  #KeepPounding

Thrive Fantasy NFL TNF Rush

Matt RyanUnder 27.5 Completions = 90 PTS
Todd Gurley IIOver 67.5 Rush Yards = 100 PTS
Todd Gurley IIOver 0.5 Rush TDs = 110 PTS
Julio JonesOver 4.5 Receptions = 80 PTS
Calvin RidleyOver 0.5 Receiving TDs = 115 PTS
Teddy BridgewaterUnder 2.5 Pass TDs + INTs = 85 PTS
Mike DavisOver 0.5 Rush TDs + Rec. TDs = 100 PTS
Robby AndersonOver 71.5 Receiving Yards = 85 PTS
Robby AndersonOver 6.5 Receptions = 110 PTS
Joey SlyeOver 7.5 Points = 100 PTS

Yes, I know. EIGHT overs. Life is too short to take the under and of course I’m going to root for the Panthers to have themselves a night.

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