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Nobody Cares About Your Fantasy Football Team

It’s that time of year again, folks. Fantasy Football is back and I couldn’t be more excited for it. For a while, it was looking like football probably wasn’t going to happen but I think we’re in the clear. We’re all excited to be back, but it is time to tackle the epidemic that has been sweeping the nation since the dawn of time.

You need to stop telling people how awesome your fantasy football team is.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being obsessed with your lineup and thinking you’re an absolute mastermind. I’m guilty of rosterbating just as much as the next guy. All of the fun of fantasy is thinking you know football way more than any of your buddies and getting to rub it in their faces at the end of the year. Just please spare everyone in your life who is not in your league and keep it to yourself. I’m not talking about the guys asking you for lineup advice, that’s fine. Just don’t show me your squad because your ego needs a boost.

Oh, you’re in four leagues and you want to show me how stacked your team in each one of them is? Hang on a second while I drill out my ear drums so I don’t have to listen to this. I don’t care that Adam Thielen fell to the fifth-round so you “just had to scoop him up”. Congratulations. I don’t care that you purchased every Fantasy Football for Dummies handbook and did 39 mock drafts in preparation. I promise you that no one cares about your fantasy lineup even one-tenth as much as you do.

The worst part about people who do this, is when they show you their team and follow it up with, “so what do you think?” Uh, I don’t care, guy. I think that you have a fantasy football team like the rest of America. If you want my genuine opinion, then I’ll have to look at everyone else’s rosters and probably have to start doing some sort of math, which is where I clock out.

Don’t be an Andre.

With all of this being said, Venmo me $10 and I will gladly rank your fantasy squad for you on an A-F scale. Also, my draft is Saturday, so in the meantime check out my squad from last year and let me know what you think, I think it was pretty stacked.

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Should Alvin Kamara be Traded?

Twitter is going absolutely nuts right now over rumors that the New Orleans Saints are reportedly open to trading RB Alvin Kamara.

This comes after news from Adam Schefter that Kamara may be holding out due to contract related reasons and has been absent from training camp for the past 3 days.

As a Carolina Panthers fan, this is great news to me. Alvin Kamara potentially out of the division and at the very least, perhaps some displeasure between Kamara and the Saints’ organization. It is reported that the Saints are willing to pay Alvin Kamara upwards of $12 million per year, making him a top 5 paid RB. However, Kamara is reportedly looking to get closer to McCaffrey’s $16 million extension he signed this past April. This is no surprise if you remember AK’s reaction to McCaffrey’s extension live on Twitch back in April.

$12 million and $16 million is quite a big discrepancy and I’m not sure how either sides of this negotiation will move forward. Also, the Saints are reportedly looking to win now considering that Brees could be admitted into assisted living by tomorrow, yet they pay Taysom Hill $21 million and can’t cough up a few more for a potentially top 5 back? If you want to win now, you make sure your star running back is happy. Should he be traded? Absolutely not. Do I want him to be traded? 100%. I actually really like the guy and would root for him every Sunday if he wasn’t in New Orleans.

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Leonard Fournette to the Patriots?

The Jacksonville Jaguars waived the former fourth-overall pick this morning which was something that was long coming. Jacksonville declined his fifth-year option months ago and Fournette has shown little to no interest in being a team player for the Jaguars. Leonard Fournette has been a streaky player; having injuries, off-the-field and on-the-field problems, he certainly isn’t the most reliable player ever. With that being said, he rushed for a career high 1,152 yards last season and caught 76 balls which was a career-high by a long shot. He is a dynamic player and will benefit whoever scoops him up this season. Let’s get into the odds for Fournette’s landing spot.

The Washington Redsk-Football Team (+300)

The odd-on favorite here and for pretty good reason. Adrian Peterson is a 35-year-old back with little depth behind him. I am a big fan of Bryce Love but there are injury concerns around him and after that you’re looking at J.D McKissic and Antonio Gibson (who?). AP showed he’s still got it the past two years after rushing for over 1,000 yards and 8 TTDs in 2018 followed by 940 all-purpose-yards and 5 TDs last season. He can’t run forever so maybe Fournette is a good option, but I personally don’t see it. I think AP has another year in the tank and I see Bryce Love taking it over from there.

New England Patriots (+350)

This seems too good to be true. Fournette was lobbying for Cam Newton to come to the Jaguars months ago. He said,

“I feel like, you know, Cam has the … Cam went to the Super Bowl, he is a great guy, I have been knowing Cam for a minute now. Like I told some people that talked to me and I talked to, it is no disrespect to Minshew. I am just trying to be getting into the best position as a team as we can win.”

Hysterical line by Fournette to follow “no disrespect to Minshew” with saying he just wants his team to win, so let’s bring Cam aboard. Now to New England. Sony Michel is a former first-round pick who is just now coming back from off-season foot surgery. That’s the problem with Michel; he’s been a well above average back when he’s able to be at 100%, but has battled injuries pretty consistently. Now, Michel is in a battle for the starting job against Damien Harris and why not make it more exciting by throwing Fournette in the mix? As New England transitions into either the Newton, Stidham or Hoyer-era, the best way to make that transition as seamless as possible would be to have one of the league’s best in your backfield. Fournette and Cam seem to already have some chemistry and I would expect Belichick to fix Fournette’s attitude and dedication to the team. This is my pick, but let’s look at another potential landing spot.

Chicago Bears (+400)

With David Montgomery’s groin injury, it’s not looking like he’ll be ready to go by Week 1. That leaves Chicago with Tarik Cohen, who is incredible to watch and has some insane speed and agility. He is a smaller back; however, and I cannot seem him being their every-down guy. Chicago has shown that they love to get their runningbacks involved in the passing game and Fournette has proven over his NFL career that the passing game is one of his primary strengths. Possible landing spot? Yes. Likely? No. David Montgomery will be back and will be the guy in Chicago, with Cohen making a great #2.

The Philadelphia Eagles (+400) and the Seattle Seahawks (+600) round out the Top 5 most likely landing spots for Fournette according to Vegas. I don’t see either of these teams picking him up as Miles Sanders is Philadelphia’s future and Fournette will not go somewhere to be a backup. Similarly in Seattle, they already have Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde. While Fournette could be fun to watch with Seattle’s run-first (unless you’re in the Super Bowl) offense, it seems highly unlikely.

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Coke Zero Sugar 400 Picks

This might come as a shock to you all, but I am stationing the Fade Train for NASCAR’s final regular season race. Probably the most frustrating part of taking matchups is when the guys you bet on DNF due to a wreck. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Daytona is guaranteed to have at least one “The Big One”. Statistically, over the past 6 races at Daytona, there has been an average of 16.3 DNFs. Too risky for me to gamble on that.

I have 5 plays for tonight might be the most I’ve had all season, can you tell I’m excited? A little bonus here is that my fantasy football draft order will be decided by the order in which certain drivers finish. I was assigned Brad Keselowski, so let’s go #2! Here we go:

To Win:

Denny Hamlin to win +850: Pretty simple logic here. Denny Hamlin has given Kevin Harvick a run for his money this year as the Cup Series’ best driver. They seem to exchange wins and Harvick won last Sunday. Denny Hamlin also won this year’s Daytona 500 and there has been plenty of repeat/back-to-back winners this season. +850 for Denny Hamlin to win is an incredible payout so you have to at least sprinkle some here.

Top 3 Finish:

Martin Truex Jr. +450: The logic behind this is similar to why I’m taking Denny Hamlin to win. You kind of just have to ride this Truex top 3 train until it derails. He has a top 3 finish in 7 straight races and we’ve seen the odds go from +150 to -150 over that span. +450 for Truex to place top 3 won’t be seen again for quite some time. If you take nothing else, take this.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. +500: Like I was saying earlier, Daytona is an insane track with nearly half the field DNFing by the end of the night. Finding anyone with good history at this track is nearly impossible, the best bet is to look for some consistency at least. Ricky has the second best driver rating here which is one of my favorite stats to follow. That same reasoning is why I’ll also be taking Alex Bowman top 3 at +600. He has the third best driver rating and has never DNF’d this track.

Ryan Newman +850: Yeah, I know. Ryan Newman practically died at the Daytona 500 this year. But you know what he also did? He crossed the finish line in 9th place and prior to that crash looked like he was on his way to victory lane. As shocking as it sounds, Newman has the fourth best average finish at Daytona and has not DNF’d in his last 7 races here.

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College Football is Back

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the 2020-2021 College Football Season officially kicks off tonight.

The Central Arkansas Bears are set to face the Austin Peay Governors in an FCS Showdown on ESPN at 9:00 PM EST. What do I know about this matchup? Absolutely nothing. What does that mean? HAMMER the over. Currently, the over/under is set at 43.5 and the Bears are 4-point favorites.

Since I know nothing about either of these teams (where is Austin Peay?) I obviously had to do some sort of research. Here’s what I found:

These two teams faced off last year with Central Arkansas coming out on top 24-16. However, the Bears entered the 4th quarter with only 10 points. They only had 2 red zone appearance’s in 15 total drives. What I also learned is that Central Arkansas has an explosive passing attack but an abysmal rushing game (118th/124 in rushing for the 2019 season).

Austin Peay will be without their head coach, Mark Hudspeth, this season who resigned in July. Many experts are saying that Austin Peay should be the favorites in this matchup; I believe the resignation of Hudspeth could be the main factor in them being underdogs. Last year, Austin Peay accomplished a co-conference championship and an FCS Quarterfinals appearance where they lost to Montana State 24-10. Prior to that loss, they won 7 straight and averaged 40.7 ppg (helloooo over). Their quarterback, Jeremiah Oatsvall, is returning after missing almost all of the 2019 season and he is one of the top dual-threat QBs in the FCS.

Look at us, we started this blog knowing nothing about either of these teams. Now, we hardly know anything still, but we know enough to justify my picks for the night:

Austin Peay +4 (-120) – I don’t think I’ve seen a single person pick Central Arkansas for this game, which worries me. It leaves you in a catch-22 because you’re either an idiot for fading the public or an idiot for not capitalizing on a mis-represented Austin Peay team. If I’m going to be an idiot, I’d rather be an idiot with everyone else. An incredible second half of the 2019 season with a disappointing finish, paired with their star quarterback returning should give this team a bit of a spark to pick up right where they left off. I can see this being a 3-point game so +4 is exactly where I want to be.

OVER 43.5 (-110) – this is my lock of the night. First, I am thrilled to have locks back on the table. Second, this is being played on a neutral site and rumor is the turf is fast. Third and probably most importantly, if we are in a normal scenario here, this is an unwatched game. Instead we are in the bizarro-world of 2020 and with college football seemingly hanging in the balance, all eyes will be on this game. This is probably these kids’ Super Bowl and it will be an absolute shootout. I would take over 65 in this game if I could find the alternate line.

Good luck ladies and gents.

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The Future is Finally Bright in Brooklyn

For many years, Iife as a Brooklyn/New Jersey Nets fan has been difficult. Since the Jason Kidd era, we had to watch teams like the 2009 team win 12 games with Devin Harris as our best player and still miss out on the first pick (which turned out to be John Wall). We had watch Billy King make multiple trades that would make the hole that we were in grow even deeper. The most painful being the trade that would give Boston four first round picks, that would in turn give Boston the opportunity to build a strong young core in Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown while only getting back Jason Terry, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce way past their prime. I won’t even get into the fact they could’ve had Damian Lillard if they didn’t trade for Gerald Wallace, but I digress. The Nets finally have the potential to do something good, which will finally put this nightmare to rest. Let’s see how they made it to this point.

First and foremost, they hired Sean Marks to become their GM. Marks, with a history of being apart of a good basketball culture in San Antonio, brought that ideology to Brooklyn. The most incredible thing that Marks did in my opinion, was he realized the only asset Brooklyn had was an excess of money with nothing to do with it. Marks used that money to trade with teams for drafts picks that we still did not have from that Billy King trade years ago. By leveraging money to get draft picks from teams who had contracts they wanted to get rid of. These young players would turn out to be quality pieces for the Nets such as Jarret Allen and Rodions Kurucs. While also trading for a very young and talented player in D’Angelo Russell, and resigning and building up Joe Harris, Spencer Dinwiddie and Caris Levert into quality pieces. All of these factors are a very important part of the story into where we are now.

Everybody knows that you can not win in this league without a superstar, but how do you get a superstar to want to join your team? You build up a culture that it is evident around the league that the players want to be there, and are just that superstar piece away from being a true contender. D’Angelo Russell was a great young player, but him being the best player on a playoff team at that point in his career speaks magnitude to the group of players the Nets had in that organization. This is exactly how the Nets were able to sign Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Everybody forgets how good Kevin Durant is and to a lesser extent how good Kyrie Irving is (playing only 20 games last season). Make no mistake about it, the future is bright in Brooklyn. Let everyone get their jokes off now, because when Kevin Durant starts scoring they way he did before he got hurt, and Kyrie Irving proves again that he is an amazing Robin to Batman; we will be the ones laughing.

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Jaylen Brown’s Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As civil unrest sweeps the country, professional sports have decided to take a step back and evaluate how they can do their part to create change. Many people are looking to the league superstars to take charge and lead the movement, but being good at sports doesn’t necessarily make you a leader on social reform. Charles Barkley was one of the best players of his generation, (good enough for the Monstars to steal his talent in Space Jam) and was quoted saying “Just because I dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids.” I am not saying that league superstars can’t be leaders of the movement, what I am saying is we may need to look elsewhere for better candidates.

Insert Jaylen Brown. I’ll be honest upfront, I am a die-hard Celtics fan so I think that Brown should have been an all-star, and that he is one of the best young talents currently in the NBA. But he is not someone a non-NBA fan would consider a “superstar”. Brown played high school basketball in Marietta, Georgia leading his team to a 6A state championship. After high school he played a year at Cal Berkeley before being drafted 3rd overall by the Celtics in the 2016 draft. He improved throughout his first 3 years before becoming a true star this season. But I’m not here to tell you that Jaylen Brown should be considered an all-star basketball player.

“Jaylen’s greatest impact, as good as he is at basketball, won’t be in basketball”

Brad Stevens, Boston Celtics Head Coach

Jaylen is considered one of the most intelligent players in the NBA. In fact, there were some that had him labeled as “too smart” for the NBA (asinine, I know.) While he was at Cal he took a masters level class as a freshman. His hobbies include learning new languages, and playing the piano. Jaylen has said “Education is very important to me and my family” and there is no arguing that as the man continues to expand his knowledge. Jaylen became the youngest NBPA Vice President after being voted in by his peers last February. Once again, I am not here to tell you that Jaylen Brown is an intelligent man and that’s what suits him to be a leader of the BLM movement. There have been many intelligent men throughout history that could not lead.

What I am here to tell you, is that Jaylen Brown should be the face of this movement because of action. How many times have you heard the term “actions speak louder than words”? I was already ready to make him the face of the movement when he decided to get in his car and drive 15 hours to his home state to lead protests after George Floyd was murdered. He’s an NBA player, he can afford a flight, but he understood the urgency of what was going on and took action. During the players meetings discussing whether or not to resume the playoffs in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting, Brown challenged his peers to take action. “If you guys leave here, are you just going to leave and go chill and hang out with your families and lose that loneliness? Or are you going to be in the trenches? Are you going to be in the streets?” Jaylen Brown has been leading this movement, it’s time we recognize that and make him the face of it.

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Exhibitions Are For Babies.

Don’t let Mike Tyson have ALL of the spotlight. With Iron Mike coming out of retirement with Roy Jones, Jr. to stage an exhibition, Oscar De La Hoya is saying, “Woah, what about me?” Ok, he didn’t really say that even though I put it in quotes but he must have at least thought it. Oscar De La Hoya announced last week that he is foregoing retirement for another chance for glory.

De La Hoya who has accumulated 11 world titles in 6 different weight classes hasn’t fought since his ugly loss in 2008 against Manny Pacquiao. It was that fight that made De La Hoya quit the sport. In an interview with Larry King, De La Hoya said, “He beat the hell out of me, but I’m glad he did because it made me retire.”Now, The Golden Boy is back, or at least thinking about it. Oscar says that his conditioning needs to be perfect and his jab feels faster than ever before. Maybe that jab feels faster because at 47 years old your brain sees something and by the time you realize what it is it has moved.

Don’t get me wrong, dude looks good and could bury me with both hands tied behind his back and blindfolded but he is looking for top contenders. None of this exhibition crap for De La Hoya, he wants the number one guy for a real fight.Part of me wants to see what he’s got but another part is saying DON’T DO THIS! Oscar De La Hoya is a good dude and was the boss when he was 39-5 with 30 KO’s but this might be past you, brother. Either way, it’s a great story and if he chooses to fight, I’m watching. Good Luck, Golden Boy.

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Dany Garcia and ex-husband purchase the XFL

The first woman to ever own an entire professional sports league? Enter female blogger.

Excited to bring a different perspective to The Vig and looking forward to writing about some off the field, non-gambling related news.

Back to Dany Garcia. This woman is a QUEEN. I was excited to see The Rock post on social media that he had a female business partner. I was even more excited to see that she is now officially the first woman to own an entire professional sports league! Am I here to argue if the XFL qualifies as a “professional sports league”? NO! …I immediately dug into Dany’s history to learn more about how she got to where she is today and here’s what I found:

Who is Dany Garcia?

  • Dany is a BOSS. In the most literal way possible. Her resume is truly impressive. After beginning her finance career in 1992 at Merrill Lynch, she worked her way to Associate VP there within TEN YEARS. What an insanely short period of time to climb that ladder.
  • During that 10 years she also married Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and had their (now 19 year old) daughter, Simone. Yes, you read that correctly. The Rock and Dany Garcia are ex-spouses that are now partnering on quite an expensive and large business venture. Props to these two for maintaining a relationship strong enough to withstand the stormy weather that is sure to surround owning the XFL (right Vince?).
  • Not only was she married to The Rock, she also used to manage his career and produced several successful movies boasting a cast with stars like Meryl Streep and of course Dwayne Johnson (whom she calls DJ?!?).
  • Dany is also a professional bodybuilder and earned her IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness) Pro card in 2014.
  • All of this success has been earned by the ripe age of 51. Girl is a spring chicken and a first generation American citizen as her parents are Cuban immigrants. *Cue Beyonce “Run the World” now*

I want to be Dany when I grow up

Dany Garcia is truly role model material and a woman that every little girl should look up to. When asked about the XFL, Dany talks about how enthusiastic about the league she was last season. In an interview with Yahoo Sports, she goes on to say how excited she was about the opportunity to own it with “DJ”. When speaking about how impressive it was for a Latinx woman and a Black man to own a professional sports league, Dany’s response was “You know what, it wasn’t a deviation from my process: I pretty much lead everything that I own”… I’m sorry, what?! What kind of response? Every thing I read about her makes me want a shirt with her face on it. Thrilled to see what the XFL does this season under Dany’s fearless leadership. Is it appropriate to compare her with The Mother of Dragons because Dany & Dany?

“You know what, it wasn’t a deviation from my process: I pretty much lead everything that I own”- Dany Garcia

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Tim Thomas 2.0? Nah.

For the sake of transparency, I have been a Bruins fan for as long as I can remember. I think the first game I saw was game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals against St. Louis when Bobby Orr won the game with a feed from Sanderson in 1970. I was 7 years old. Bobby Orr wore my favorite number and I’ve loved the Bruins ever since.

With that said, I’m torn over Tuukka Rask’s decision to leave the bubble. I get it, you have a family and you want to be with them but everyone else does as well. After game 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against Carolina, Charlie Coyle was being interviewed about his baseball swing goal and was asked about Rask. Charlie was politically correct by saying that the team supports his decision, blah, blah, blah. I just wish someone would say, ‘yeah, I have family too and I’d like to be with them but I’m here because IT’S MY JOB!”

Lots of posts have been split between loving Rask’s decision and hating Rask’s decision. Someone’s post was titled, “Tim Thomas 2.0.” Tim Thomas is a different story. He just lost his love for the game. I was mad when he chose to take a break because I didn’t know why he chose to leave. I recently read an article about how he shut down and had to do some serious soul searching. After floundering through some time with the Islanders, Panthers, and Stars, Thomas finally retired. It sounds like he needed to. Props to Tim for getting out when he should have.

Tuukka though went to the bubble and in the middle of a series decides that it’s not for him. Pros: Good, get out because we don’t need you thinking about your family when there is a shorthanded breakaway coming at you. Come on fans, it happens all of the time. And…the Bruins organization has used their goalies in a tandem situation for years now. It was easy to go to Tuukka after Tim because of this. It is now easy to go to Halak, I don’t know how to spell Jaroslav, from Rask. Cons: There are no cons because, as I texted J and Uncle Billy before the game, the team is going to step up for Halak. And they did from Charlie Coyle with his baseball swing goal to Marchand stealing an open net goal from Krejci at the top of the crease. Just saying, Brad. Own it.

Anyway, Halak is the man in charge now and I hope that the Bruins organization recognizes Halak’s dedication and awards him with the starting slot next season.