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Tim Thomas 2.0? Nah.

For the sake of transparency, I have been a Bruins fan for as long as I can remember. I think the first game I saw was game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals against St. Louis when Bobby Orr won the game with a feed from Sanderson in 1970. I was 7 years old. Bobby Orr wore my favorite number and I’ve loved the Bruins ever since.

With that said, I’m torn over Tuukka Rask’s decision to leave the bubble. I get it, you have a family and you want to be with them but everyone else does as well. After game 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against Carolina, Charlie Coyle was being interviewed about his baseball swing goal and was asked about Rask. Charlie was politically correct by saying that the team supports his decision, blah, blah, blah. I just wish someone would say, ‘yeah, I have family too and I’d like to be with them but I’m here because IT’S MY JOB!”

Lots of posts have been split between loving Rask’s decision and hating Rask’s decision. Someone’s post was titled, “Tim Thomas 2.0.” Tim Thomas is a different story. He just lost his love for the game. I was mad when he chose to take a break because I didn’t know why he chose to leave. I recently read an article about how he shut down and had to do some serious soul searching. After floundering through some time with the Islanders, Panthers, and Stars, Thomas finally retired. It sounds like he needed to. Props to Tim for getting out when he should have.

Tuukka though went to the bubble and in the middle of a series decides that it’s not for him. Pros: Good, get out because we don’t need you thinking about your family when there is a shorthanded breakaway coming at you. Come on fans, it happens all of the time. And…the Bruins organization has used their goalies in a tandem situation for years now. It was easy to go to Tuukka after Tim because of this. It is now easy to go to Halak, I don’t know how to spell Jaroslav, from Rask. Cons: There are no cons because, as I texted J and Uncle Billy before the game, the team is going to step up for Halak. And they did from Charlie Coyle with his baseball swing goal to Marchand stealing an open net goal from Krejci at the top of the crease. Just saying, Brad. Own it.

Anyway, Halak is the man in charge now and I hope that the Bruins organization recognizes Halak’s dedication and awards him with the starting slot next season.