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Fins Up – Tua is Growing Before Our Eyes.

First of all, I am a huge Fitzmagic fan. Fitz has been a major asset to the Miami Dolphins from the day he walked into the locker room. He brought experience, class, and positivity to a team and fan base that has been down, emotionally, for years. I speak from experience being a fan since the beginning. I was 9 years old when the Fins had their undefeated season. So, this is the first time in a long time that I feel genuine hope for this team.

As a Fitz fan, I’d love to see him play but as a Dolphin fan I see where Brian Flores is going with this team. This is Tua’s team and he needs the game time experience to make those game time decisions. Never was it more apparent than in this week’s game against Kansas City. The defense started strong by forcing Mahomes into throwing as many interceptions, in the first quarter, as he’s had all season (2) and ran him into a 30 yard sack which is tied for the longest sack in NFL history. With the explosive KC offense, this was not sustainable all game but it gave the offense a chance to get settled.

As the game continued, it was apparent that Tua was not comfortable. Hanging in the pocket too long, throwing short on receivers, and losing targets to injury made the afternoon difficult for Tua. Forward to the fourth quarter where it seemed that Tua had been paying attention in class for the first three quarters because he became more mobile and was hitting his receivers with ease. Tua looked a lot more comfortable and the look that he had was a look of “relax, I got this.” And without an interception, that should have been pass interference, he may have.

Brian Flores knows what he is doing. His controversial move to play Tua over Fitz is working. Tua grew before our eyes this Sunday and showed teams and Fin fans why he was drafted. With Gaskin and Breida out before the game and losing Parker and Gesicki during the game, nobody should have expected that Miami could keep it close but Tua and the boys almost pulled it out.

This Dolphin fan is so excited about the rest of the season with New England, Las Vegas, and Buffalo ahead. Any other year I’d be hoping to win one of them. Now, I’m expecting to win all of them. FINS UP.

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Can the Carolina Panthers Finally Do Right by Cam Newton?

A Pattern of Disrespect and Inappropriate Behavior

As a lifelong Panthers fan, I’ve witnessed the organization’s mistreatment of some of the greatest players to ever grace the field in Charlotte. First, it was releasing Steve Smith Sr., arguably the best Carolina Panther of all time. Clearly, Steve didn’t want to be released and said if his next team visits Carolina, “If that happens to run through Bank of America Stadium, put your goggles on because there’s going to be blood and guts everywhere”. Next, they release Greg Olsen, another top 5 Panther of all time. Following his release, Olsen stated, “I never asked the team to let me go,” and went on to say “my pride was hurt”. Most recently, it was the mistreatment and disrespect shown towards Cam Newton.

Now, that’s not to say that the Panthers need to re-sign players just to appease fans like myself. However, it’s pretty clear that they have shown little respect to 3 of their top 5 talents of all time. I mean, at least give the guys a heads up you want to move on. Now, an opportunity has risen for them to right all of their wrongs. Second chances don’t come around often and you have to seize the opportunity when it presents itself. The Panthers can finally show Cam Newton the respect he has earned.

“What can be done?” you ask.

Hear me out. The New England Patriots currently sit 2 games out of 7th place in the AFC, the final wildcard spot…or is it? If any game gets cancelled, an 8th wildcard spot would be added. That would greatly increase Cam Newton’s and the Patriots’ playoff chances. So, if the Panthers can continue to ignore protocol and continue to congregate outside of team activities, then maybe, just maybe, they can spread the coronavirus within the organization enough to cancel this weekend’s game against Denver. Thus helping Cam Newton and repaying him for the best years of their short history in the NFL.

The ball is in your court, Carolina. Do the right thing.

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Florida Man Destroys Camera in Fit of Rage

Perhaps the least talked about aspect of Antonio Brown signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was the fact that he perfectly embodies the “Florida Man” meme.  Manic, unstable, predictably unpredictable and immensely entertaining.  AB’s “Florida Man” moment has quickly arrived.

“Antonio Brown, the superstar wide receiver who recently returned to the NFL after a slew of off-the-field troubles, was accused last month of angrily destroying a surveillance camera at the gated community in Hollywood where he lives and throwing his bicycle at a security-guard shack, according to a police report obtained by the Herald. Hollywood police determined there was probable cause to charge Brown with misdemeanor criminal mischief for the Oct. 15 incident, the report said. But the homeowners association president declined to press charges, according to the report, saying she feared Brown “may retaliate against her employees.”

David Ovalle, Miami Herrald

So, who had “20 days” in the When-will-Antonio-Brown-go-crazy-again Pool?  To be fair, this most recent incident happened before he signed with the Bucs.  But you get the point. I’m not sure what it is about this guy that Tom Brady loves, but it’s pretty clear that he is the reason why Antonio Brown was ever signed.  Bruce Arians has had a couple of quotes that makes you think he wants no part of AB:

Will this be enough to get him suspended or released from the team? Definitely not. However, it’s hard to imagine that this will be the last time we hear about Antonio Brown losing his cool and that begs the question of “when is enough, enough?” He was without a doubt the best receiver in the league just a few seasons ago, I’m just not sure he can stay out of his own way and get back to the AB we used to know. I guess now it’s just the most terrifying waiting game of all time. Watch out Tampa Bay, there’s a new Florida Man in town.

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Should Alvin Kamara be Traded?

Twitter is going absolutely nuts right now over rumors that the New Orleans Saints are reportedly open to trading RB Alvin Kamara.

This comes after news from Adam Schefter that Kamara may be holding out due to contract related reasons and has been absent from training camp for the past 3 days.

As a Carolina Panthers fan, this is great news to me. Alvin Kamara potentially out of the division and at the very least, perhaps some displeasure between Kamara and the Saints’ organization. It is reported that the Saints are willing to pay Alvin Kamara upwards of $12 million per year, making him a top 5 paid RB. However, Kamara is reportedly looking to get closer to McCaffrey’s $16 million extension he signed this past April. This is no surprise if you remember AK’s reaction to McCaffrey’s extension live on Twitch back in April.

$12 million and $16 million is quite a big discrepancy and I’m not sure how either sides of this negotiation will move forward. Also, the Saints are reportedly looking to win now considering that Brees could be admitted into assisted living by tomorrow, yet they pay Taysom Hill $21 million and can’t cough up a few more for a potentially top 5 back? If you want to win now, you make sure your star running back is happy. Should he be traded? Absolutely not. Do I want him to be traded? 100%. I actually really like the guy and would root for him every Sunday if he wasn’t in New Orleans.

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Leonard Fournette to the Patriots?

The Jacksonville Jaguars waived the former fourth-overall pick this morning which was something that was long coming. Jacksonville declined his fifth-year option months ago and Fournette has shown little to no interest in being a team player for the Jaguars. Leonard Fournette has been a streaky player; having injuries, off-the-field and on-the-field problems, he certainly isn’t the most reliable player ever. With that being said, he rushed for a career high 1,152 yards last season and caught 76 balls which was a career-high by a long shot. He is a dynamic player and will benefit whoever scoops him up this season. Let’s get into the odds for Fournette’s landing spot.

The Washington Redsk-Football Team (+300)

The odd-on favorite here and for pretty good reason. Adrian Peterson is a 35-year-old back with little depth behind him. I am a big fan of Bryce Love but there are injury concerns around him and after that you’re looking at J.D McKissic and Antonio Gibson (who?). AP showed he’s still got it the past two years after rushing for over 1,000 yards and 8 TTDs in 2018 followed by 940 all-purpose-yards and 5 TDs last season. He can’t run forever so maybe Fournette is a good option, but I personally don’t see it. I think AP has another year in the tank and I see Bryce Love taking it over from there.

New England Patriots (+350)

This seems too good to be true. Fournette was lobbying for Cam Newton to come to the Jaguars months ago. He said,

“I feel like, you know, Cam has the … Cam went to the Super Bowl, he is a great guy, I have been knowing Cam for a minute now. Like I told some people that talked to me and I talked to, it is no disrespect to Minshew. I am just trying to be getting into the best position as a team as we can win.”

Hysterical line by Fournette to follow “no disrespect to Minshew” with saying he just wants his team to win, so let’s bring Cam aboard. Now to New England. Sony Michel is a former first-round pick who is just now coming back from off-season foot surgery. That’s the problem with Michel; he’s been a well above average back when he’s able to be at 100%, but has battled injuries pretty consistently. Now, Michel is in a battle for the starting job against Damien Harris and why not make it more exciting by throwing Fournette in the mix? As New England transitions into either the Newton, Stidham or Hoyer-era, the best way to make that transition as seamless as possible would be to have one of the league’s best in your backfield. Fournette and Cam seem to already have some chemistry and I would expect Belichick to fix Fournette’s attitude and dedication to the team. This is my pick, but let’s look at another potential landing spot.

Chicago Bears (+400)

With David Montgomery’s groin injury, it’s not looking like he’ll be ready to go by Week 1. That leaves Chicago with Tarik Cohen, who is incredible to watch and has some insane speed and agility. He is a smaller back; however, and I cannot seem him being their every-down guy. Chicago has shown that they love to get their runningbacks involved in the passing game and Fournette has proven over his NFL career that the passing game is one of his primary strengths. Possible landing spot? Yes. Likely? No. David Montgomery will be back and will be the guy in Chicago, with Cohen making a great #2.

The Philadelphia Eagles (+400) and the Seattle Seahawks (+600) round out the Top 5 most likely landing spots for Fournette according to Vegas. I don’t see either of these teams picking him up as Miles Sanders is Philadelphia’s future and Fournette will not go somewhere to be a backup. Similarly in Seattle, they already have Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde. While Fournette could be fun to watch with Seattle’s run-first (unless you’re in the Super Bowl) offense, it seems highly unlikely.