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Fins Up – Tua is Growing Before Our Eyes.

First of all, I am a huge Fitzmagic fan. Fitz has been a major asset to the Miami Dolphins from the day he walked into the locker room. He brought experience, class, and positivity to a team and fan base that has been down, emotionally, for years. I speak from experience being a fan since the beginning. I was 9 years old when the Fins had their undefeated season. So, this is the first time in a long time that I feel genuine hope for this team.

As a Fitz fan, I’d love to see him play but as a Dolphin fan I see where Brian Flores is going with this team. This is Tua’s team and he needs the game time experience to make those game time decisions. Never was it more apparent than in this week’s game against Kansas City. The defense started strong by forcing Mahomes into throwing as many interceptions, in the first quarter, as he’s had all season (2) and ran him into a 30 yard sack which is tied for the longest sack in NFL history. With the explosive KC offense, this was not sustainable all game but it gave the offense a chance to get settled.

As the game continued, it was apparent that Tua was not comfortable. Hanging in the pocket too long, throwing short on receivers, and losing targets to injury made the afternoon difficult for Tua. Forward to the fourth quarter where it seemed that Tua had been paying attention in class for the first three quarters because he became more mobile and was hitting his receivers with ease. Tua looked a lot more comfortable and the look that he had was a look of “relax, I got this.” And without an interception, that should have been pass interference, he may have.

Brian Flores knows what he is doing. His controversial move to play Tua over Fitz is working. Tua grew before our eyes this Sunday and showed teams and Fin fans why he was drafted. With Gaskin and Breida out before the game and losing Parker and Gesicki during the game, nobody should have expected that Miami could keep it close but Tua and the boys almost pulled it out.

This Dolphin fan is so excited about the rest of the season with New England, Las Vegas, and Buffalo ahead. Any other year I’d be hoping to win one of them. Now, I’m expecting to win all of them. FINS UP.

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Can the Carolina Panthers Finally Do Right by Cam Newton?

A Pattern of Disrespect and Inappropriate Behavior

As a lifelong Panthers fan, I’ve witnessed the organization’s mistreatment of some of the greatest players to ever grace the field in Charlotte. First, it was releasing Steve Smith Sr., arguably the best Carolina Panther of all time. Clearly, Steve didn’t want to be released and said if his next team visits Carolina, “If that happens to run through Bank of America Stadium, put your goggles on because there’s going to be blood and guts everywhere”. Next, they release Greg Olsen, another top 5 Panther of all time. Following his release, Olsen stated, “I never asked the team to let me go,” and went on to say “my pride was hurt”. Most recently, it was the mistreatment and disrespect shown towards Cam Newton.

Now, that’s not to say that the Panthers need to re-sign players just to appease fans like myself. However, it’s pretty clear that they have shown little respect to 3 of their top 5 talents of all time. I mean, at least give the guys a heads up you want to move on. Now, an opportunity has risen for them to right all of their wrongs. Second chances don’t come around often and you have to seize the opportunity when it presents itself. The Panthers can finally show Cam Newton the respect he has earned.

“What can be done?” you ask.

Hear me out. The New England Patriots currently sit 2 games out of 7th place in the AFC, the final wildcard spot…or is it? If any game gets cancelled, an 8th wildcard spot would be added. That would greatly increase Cam Newton’s and the Patriots’ playoff chances. So, if the Panthers can continue to ignore protocol and continue to congregate outside of team activities, then maybe, just maybe, they can spread the coronavirus within the organization enough to cancel this weekend’s game against Denver. Thus helping Cam Newton and repaying him for the best years of their short history in the NFL.

The ball is in your court, Carolina. Do the right thing.

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CFB Week 15 Picks

Hello, week 15! I went 3-2 last week to move to 33-30-1 on the season. Not terrible all things considered. With only 2 more weeks of regular season and then on to bowl season, we need to widen this gap. Check out the Podcast for more picks and follow me on Twitter for College Basketball picks and more! Let’s get into my week 15 card:

#11 Oklahoma -14 at WVU, o/u 56.5 – NOON on ABC

Oklahoma has won their last 8 contests against West Virginia and has put up 40+ points in 7 of those 8 games.  This year OU is averaging over 43 points per game so I expect that trend to continue and although you think of offense when you look at Oklahoma, their defense has turned into a force in the last month.  They’ve only allowed 12 ppg in their last 3 and I don’t see any indicators of them letting up.  West Virginia has been surprisingly stout on defense this year allowing just over 20 ppg which is probably why the spread is just 14 in this game.  While WVU has held some ranked opponents to 20 or less, they are coming off of an absolute beat down by Iowa State and Oklahoma is a different beast.

My Pick:  Oklahoma -14, this is a 4 out of 5 confidence rating.

Navy at Army (-7), o/u38 – 3PM on CBS

Of course I have to make a play in this game.  These games usually are wildly boring but everyone just shuts up and loves it because, America.  This year’s contest is being played at West Point for the first time since 1943, which is pretty cool.  Home field advantage for the Black Knights and at first-glance you should expect Army (7-2) to beat Navy (3-6) pretty handily.  However, Army has faced 3 FCS opponents and when you look at Army and Navy’s only common opponent, we see quite the contrast.  Tulane smoked Army 38-12, while Navy scored 27 unanswered points in a 27-24 comeback victory against Tulane.  I wouldn’t be shocked to see Navy win this game outright. With all of that being said, I think the smartest play here is the under.  The last 6 Army/Navy game totals have been 38 or under.  I want to see 2 passes from Navy and 18 total punts.  That’s what America is all about.

My Pick:  Navy +7 and UNDER 38, these are both 3 out of 5 confidence ratings.  I’m also sprinkling some Navy ML +220.

#22 Oklahoma State (-5) at Baylor, o/u 49 – 7PM on ESPNU

Oklahoma State has fallen off a cliff.  They’ve lost 3 out of their last 5 and my once sharp play of Oklahoma State +700 to win the Big XII has now blown up in my face.  Both of these teams are coming off of losses to Oklahoma, with Baylor’s loss being far more respectable.  While Oklahoma State isn’t who I thought they were, I still think they’re levels above Baylor.  Neither of these teams score or give up over 30 ppg so maybe 5 points is a bigger task than it appears on the surface, but at the end of the day I believe in Ok State’s defense and their offense has the ability to drop 40 on anyone.  One last ride with the Cowboy’s.  I’ll see you again.

My Pick:  Oklahoma State -5, this is my lock of week 15.

Fresno State (-11.5) at New Mexico, o/u 60 – 10:30PM on FS1

Picking the top games of the week can get exhausting and I can’t think of a better way to cap off my Saturday night than by watching the Bulldogs versus the Lobos.  Also, what is a Lobos? Or what are Lobos? According to google it’s a timber wolf.  So the Bulldogs versus the Timber Wolves.  Both of these teams have lost to Hawaii and Nevada, and in similar fashion.  Fresno State did handle Utah State while New Mexico lost to USU by 14.  The deciding factor in this game for me is the quarterback play.  Fresno State’s Jake Haener has been phenomenal for them in this short season while New Mexico is a mess.  The Lobos are looking at having a true-freshman, walk-on quarterback in Isaiah Chavez after Connor Genal, another freshman, went down with a wrist injury.  Off that situation, paired with Bulldogs vs. Timber wolves, the choice is clear.

My Pick:  Fresno State -11.5, this is a 2 out of 5 confidence rating.

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CFB Week 14 Picks

Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving – we are back! I’m now 30-28-1 on the season which is the first time I’ve been over .500 all year. It’s better to get hot late than never get hot at all! Not the best slate this weekend but that’s ok because it’s being made up for having the game of the year in BYU @ Coastal Carolina. Let’s get into my Week 14 Card:

#5 Texas A&M (-7) at Auburn, o/u 49 – NOON on ESPN

I haven’t taken A&M seriously all year and for no real reason.  I think it’s probably because it’s the SEC so I think of Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Florida before them.  But they’re 6-1 on the year, #5 in the country and a real contender for the CFP.  They’ve covered every game where they’re less than 10 point favorites, Auburn is 0-2 as underdogs ATS.  Auburn has really struggled against the better teams in the SEC, 7 points is nothing here so it’s time I put some respek on The Aggies name.  Also, everything about this game screams under – Bo Nix, A&M’s defense, Auburn’s 1-7 o/u’s, low total, and that’s why I’m going to take the over.  

My picks: A&M -7 and OVER 49.  These are 3 out of 5 confidence ratings.

Syracuse (+34) at #2 Notre Dame, o/u 51.5 – 2:30PM on NBC

Syracuse lost earlier this season to Clemson by 26 and haven’t lost by over 34 yet.  Something about Syracuse football just screams spoiler to me and it 100% is because they beat Clemson in 2017.  Nearly every stat for both Syracuse and Notre Dame matches up.  PPG scored and PPG allowed, rushing and passing yards gained vs allowed are roughly the same.  So if this is an average game for both of these teams we should expect around a 37-17 game.  34 is a lot of points and I think Syracuse is a team where 34 makes you feel even better.

My Pick:  Syracuse +34, this is a 3 out of 5 confidence rating.

#13 BYU (-10) at #18 Coastal Carolina, o/u 61 – 5:30 PM on ESPNU

This is by far my most anticipated game of the week.  I was excited for Liberty at CC regardless, but BYU has been by far my favorite team to watch this season, with CC a close second.  Coastal Carolina just keeps winning.  I remember when they were ranked for the first time in program history early this year and everyone was expecting them to crumble under the pressure.  Fast forward to week 14 and they’re 9-0 and now hosting College Gameday for the first time.  Good teams win, great teams cover and CC is 7-1-1 ATS this year.  On the other side, BYU is 6-2-1 ATS.  I think that the difference maker in this game is going to be BYU’s defense and Tyler Allgeier being an absolute force in the running game.  Unfortunately I don’t see either of these teams having a CFP chance, but a win here is huge for either program.  I hate to do it, but I love to do it, I’m rolling with the Stormin’ Mormons.

My Pick:  BYU -10, this is a 4 out of 5 confidence rating.

Baylor at #11 Oklahoma (-22), o/u 62.5 – 8PM on FOX

I said a couple of weeks ago that Oklahoma wasn’t really back because they played a few terrible teams and then they waxed Oklahoma State.  So, hand up I was wrong and Oklahoma is definitely back.  I even see people coming up with scenarios where Oklahoma makes the CFP, but I dont see that happening.  They’re 6-2 ATS and Baylor is 2-4-1.  Baylor is a team that casual fans would be very disappointed in because they were one game away from being in the playoffs.  But they lost a ton of players and a lot of their coaching staff, which is showing to put it lightly.  They won their first game v Kansas, lost 5 straight, then just beat K. State.  So basically if you’re not a Kansas team you can chalk your matchup against Baylor as a win.  While they havent been getting blown out, I think they’re significantly worse than Oklahoma State who Oklahoma just beat 41-13.  Like I said, Oklahoma is back.

My Pick:  Oklahoma -22, this is my lock of the week.

Check out more week 14 picks on my Twitter and listen to more picks on the Podcast, new episodes every Friday!

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CFB Week 12 Picks

Back to back 4-1 weeks!  24-25-1 overall and I’m officially back in this thing.  Let’s get over the hump this week.  Also, my apologies for not writing an article last week, but if you are here from Reddit, you should have seen my picks there; you can also hear my picks on the Podcast.  Last week’s slate was the worst of the year and while this week looks better, I’m still not finding myself thrilled about any of these matchups.  Regardless, let’s get in to my week 12 card:

Appalachian State at #15 Coastal Carolina (-5.5), o/u 48 – NOON on ESPN2

I was pumped for the Coastal game last week against Troy and heartbroken when it got cancelled.  Coastal Carolina coming out of nowhere and making a ton of noise has made them one of my favorite teams to follow this season – right alongside BYU, for similar reasons (CC’s teal field is a nice touch as well).  So far this season, Coastal Carolina’s dominance on both sides of the ball is what has made them a legitimately good program; not a gimmicky one who just seems to win by scoring 80 points per game.  They’re 15th overall in Total Defense and 37th overall in Total Offense.

Appalachian State is comparable in that sense (21st overall Total Defense, 31st overall Total Offense), but they’ve had a few bumps in the road.  While Coastal has never failed to show up, Appalachian State couldn’t beat a very good Marshall team and just squeaked out a 17-13 win last week against a Georgia State team that Coastal defeated 51-0. I see this Coastal Carolina team continuing their undefeated streak and I don’t think 5.5 is enough.

My Pick:  Coastal Carolina -5.5, this is a 4 out of 5 confidence rating.

#7 Cincinnati (-6) at UCF, o/u 64 – 3:30PM on ESPN

I was dead wrong last week picking ECU to cover against Cincinnati.  I like Cincinnati as a program, I just thought the ECU could hang around while Cincinnati might be getting in their own head about an undefeated season.  Clearly I was wrong and hopefully that won’t come back to bite me this week.

Cincy has been an absolute money-maker this year, going 5-2 ATS.  UCF at 2-5 ATS, is quite literally a money-shredder.  What worries me in this game is that UCF is an offensive powerhouse, averaging over 620 yards per game.  UCF nearly allows as many yards per game on defense (448) that Cincinnati averages on offense (470), yet they score enough to where it doesn’t even matter.  Don’t forget that UCF was also #11 in the country before they went on a bit of a skid following a tough loss to Tulsa (Football).

A perfect season and the CFP looming over Cincinnati’s head still worries me. However, Cincinnati’s defense is for real and they have shown no mercy to lesser opponents all year.  That’s the type of stuff you love to see, especially from a college program.  UCF’s powerhouse offense will be tamed by Cincinnati’s stingy defense and the Bearcats will not slow down no matter the score.

My Pick: Cincinnati -6, this is my week 12 lock.

#14 Oklahoma State at #18 Oklahoma (-7), o/u 59.5 – 7:30 on ABC

The Bedlam Series.  Oklahoma currently leads this series 89-17 all-time and is on a 5-game winning streak.  You might as well throw all of that out of the window this season with how good Oklahoma State has been.  If not for a tough OT loss to Texas, we would probably be talking about them as the likely #4 seed in the CFP.  Which, by the way, I don’t think any Big12 team has a chance at seeing now.

The breakdown of this matchup seems pretty simple:  Oklahoma has the edge offensively, while Oklahoma State has the edge defensively.  I thought I would just look at some common opponents to get a better understanding of what to expect.

Oklahoma State CowboysOklahoma Sooners
Kansas, W 47-7Kansas, W 69-3
Texas, L 34-41 OTTexas, W 53-45 4OT
Kansas State, W 20-18Kansas State, L 35-38
Iowa State, W 24-21Iowa State, L 30-37

Oklahoma has looked like themselves the last few weeks, but look at the opponents:  Kansas (0-7), Texas Tech (3-5) and TCU (3-4).  I am still a believer in the Cowboys even though they lost to Texas and we haven’t seen them in action in two weeks.

My Pick:  Oklahoma State +7, this is a 4 out of 5 confidence rating.

#20 USC (-3) at Utah, o/u 58 – 10:30PM on ESPN

Like I said earlier, this week really isn’t moving the needle for me.  I don’t like USC and Utah hasn’t even played their first game of the season (it’s week 12!).  Why am I even touching this game?  It’s probably the Oregon fan in me needing a PAC12 game on my card.  It’s also probably the Oregon fan in me that is going to take USC -3 in hopes that they can go undefeated to face Oregon in the PAC12 Championship and hopefully give the Ducks a playoff birth.

I wish I had more of an analysis for you here but the main element I’m looking at is simply 2 games to none.  USC has played 2 games and has 2 wins.  Utah has yet to see the field. Also, considering USC has the most returning production in the PAC12 while Utah has the least, laying only 3 feels like a bargain.  I’ll also take the over.  Because, PAC12.

My Picks:  USC -3 and OVER 58.  These are both 3 out of 5 confidence ratings.

Follow me on Twitter for more week 12 picks and let me hear it about what I got wrong. See you all next week!

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Florida Man Destroys Camera in Fit of Rage

Perhaps the least talked about aspect of Antonio Brown signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was the fact that he perfectly embodies the “Florida Man” meme.  Manic, unstable, predictably unpredictable and immensely entertaining.  AB’s “Florida Man” moment has quickly arrived.

“Antonio Brown, the superstar wide receiver who recently returned to the NFL after a slew of off-the-field troubles, was accused last month of angrily destroying a surveillance camera at the gated community in Hollywood where he lives and throwing his bicycle at a security-guard shack, according to a police report obtained by the Herald. Hollywood police determined there was probable cause to charge Brown with misdemeanor criminal mischief for the Oct. 15 incident, the report said. But the homeowners association president declined to press charges, according to the report, saying she feared Brown “may retaliate against her employees.”

David Ovalle, Miami Herrald

So, who had “20 days” in the When-will-Antonio-Brown-go-crazy-again Pool?  To be fair, this most recent incident happened before he signed with the Bucs.  But you get the point. I’m not sure what it is about this guy that Tom Brady loves, but it’s pretty clear that he is the reason why Antonio Brown was ever signed.  Bruce Arians has had a couple of quotes that makes you think he wants no part of AB:

Will this be enough to get him suspended or released from the team? Definitely not. However, it’s hard to imagine that this will be the last time we hear about Antonio Brown losing his cool and that begs the question of “when is enough, enough?” He was without a doubt the best receiver in the league just a few seasons ago, I’m just not sure he can stay out of his own way and get back to the AB we used to know. I guess now it’s just the most terrifying waiting game of all time. Watch out Tampa Bay, there’s a new Florida Man in town.

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Thrive Fantasy Week 9 Lineup

Prop bets meet daily fantasy on thrive fantasy, here are our favorite plays for week 9. The format is simple pick O/U for 10 out of 20 options given. Points are awarded based on getting the prop correct. Winner takes the cash. Thrive has given out over 1.5 million dollars in prize money since its launch in 2018. Use promo code “VIG” when signing up and Thrive will match your deposit up to $50 ($20 minimum).

Deshaun Watson Over 284.5 Pass YDS
Christian Mccaffrey Under 75.5 Rush YDS
Dk MetcalfOver 3.5 REC
Josh Allen Under 26.5 COMP
Matthew StaffordUnder 2.5 Pass TD’s
Kirk CousinsOver 0.5 INT
David MontgomeryOver 0.5 Rush TD’s
Jonathan TaylorUnder 72.5 Total YDS
DeAndre Hopkins Over 84.5 REC YDS
Michael Thomas Under 81.5 REC YDS
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CFB Week 10 Picks

I went 2-3 last week after missing the Florida/Mizzou over by HALF of a point. You just hate to see that. You can hear my picks and analysis on last week’s episode of The Vig. Stay tuned for this week’s episode, dropping Friday, which will have some more week 10 picks as well as some NFL picks. Let’s get into my week 10 card:

Kansas at #19 Oklahoma -38, o/u 63 – 3:30PM on ESPN

Oklahoma is 4-2 ATS, Kansas is 0-6 ATS.  Kansas has yet to be competitive this year and Oklahoma is returning home, riding a 3-game winning streak.  I think this game is pretty self-explanatory, in that Kansas will continue to be abused by their fellow Big12 opponents and allow for Oklahoma’s backups to get a solid workout in.  

The Jayhawks are losing on average by 30 points and even lost by 44 to BAYLOR.  You’d have to be insane to take Kansas in this game and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Oklahoma cover this spread in the first half alone.  Lastly, these teams are a combined 9-2-1 when it comes to Over/Unders.  This is a pure numbers game and the numbers tell you to fade Kansas and to take the over.

My Pick:  Oklahoma -38 and over 63, this is a 3 out of 5 confidence rating.

Rutgers +38 at #3 Ohio State, o/u 65 – 7:30PM on BTN

This game is going to make me hate myself.  Why am I taking two 38-point spreads?  More importantly, why am I taking Rutgers!?  They beat a Michigan State team that went on to beat a Michigan team that most people had high hopes for.  They followed that up with an absolutely heartbreaking called back touchdown off of some crazy laterals, which cost them the ATS win.  Gregg Schiano has this team playing well above their talent level and I expect them to come into this game fired up.  Rutgers defense has done great at holding opponents on third-down and their offense is somehow managing to put points on the board.  They’ll only be able to hang with Ohio State for a quarter or two, but at +38, I think that’s all it’ll take. 

My Pick:  Rutgers +38, this is my lock of the week.

Stanford at #12 Oregon -10.5, o/u 51 – 7:30PM on ABC

If I was smart I’d stay away from the PAC12 for a couple of weeks just to get somewhat of an idea on how things will pan out.  However, it’s week 10 and I’m an Oregon fan, so I’m just gonna dive right in.  Oregon finished the season 12-2 last year and Stanford finished 4-8.  Obviously the Ducks are without Justin Herbert and have had quite a few opt outs.  Stanford has suffered a fairly significant loss of personnel as well. 

People still imagine Chip Kelly’s Oregon team of a high powered offense and while they still do have the ability to run the score up, their defense might be the bread and butter of this team.  They were the ninth ranked defense last year and I expect them to kick it up a notch this year.  I don’t see Stanford’s offense doing enough damage and I think Oregon starts the season off strong at home.

My Pick:  Oregon -10.5, this is a 4 out of 5 confidence rating.

#1 Clemson -5.5 at #4 Notre Dame, o/u 51.5 – 7:30PM on NBC

We’ve now seen back-to-back tough showings from Clemson.  They’ve allowed Syracuse to stay in the game for 3 quarters and nearly blew their season last week against Boston College.  Obviously, Trevor Lawrence was out last week.  Unfortunately for them, he’s out this week as well.  I was wondering if Notre Dame may even be favored this week, which they clearly are not.  I expect for all of the money to come in on Notre Dame and I think Vegas wants all of the money to come in on ND.  For that exact reason, I’ll be taking Clemson.  On top of that, Notre Dame just hasn’t impressed me so far this season.  I truly do not know what Notre Dame team we’ll see this weekend and they’ve stumbled against far lesser teams than Clemson.  Clemson will win this game and laying 5.5 isn’t enough to make me feel uncomfortable.

My Pick:  Clemson -5.5, this is a 4 out of 5 confidence rating.

P.S. – look out for Syracuse (+14) to cover, if not beat BC this week.

P.P.S. – check out my Twitter for some live tweeting and other week 10 picks throughout the day.

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Thrive week 8 lineup

Prop bets meet daily fantasy on thrive fantasy, here are our favorite plays for week 8. The format is simple pick O/U for 10 out of 20 options given. Points are awarded based on getting the prop correct. Winner takes the cash. Thrive has given out over 1.5 million dollars in prize money since its launch in 2018. Use promo code “VIG” when signing up and Thrive will match your deposit up to $50 ($20 minimum).

James ConnerUnder 72.5 Rush Yds
Mark Andrews Under 57.5 Rec Yds
Davante AdamsOver 6.5 Rec
Joe BurrowOver 1.5 TDs
Josh Jacobs Over 0.5 Rush TDs
Josh Allen Under 302.5 Total YDS
Jimmy GaroppoloOver 2.5 TDs+INT
Alvin KamaraUnder 120.5 Total YDS
Allen Robinson Under 74.5 Rec YDS
Kennan Allen Over 6.5 Rec
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Thrive Fantasy TNF Lineup (ATLvsCAR)

If you didn’t know I am a lifelong Carolina Panthers fan, so I’m pumped to have this Thursday Night Thrive Fantasy Lineup going. 

Thrive Fantasy is where Prop Bets meet Daily Fantasy Sports.  Basically, you pick the “over” or “under” in 10 out of 20 possible player props. Then, points are awarded based on correct picks.  In my contest this week, 1st-13th place takes home some cash and there’s a maximum of only 56 participants.

Use promo code “VIG” when signing up and Thrive will match your deposit up to $50 ($20 minimum).

Here’s my lineup for tonight!  #KeepPounding

Thrive Fantasy NFL TNF Rush

Matt RyanUnder 27.5 Completions = 90 PTS
Todd Gurley IIOver 67.5 Rush Yards = 100 PTS
Todd Gurley IIOver 0.5 Rush TDs = 110 PTS
Julio JonesOver 4.5 Receptions = 80 PTS
Calvin RidleyOver 0.5 Receiving TDs = 115 PTS
Teddy BridgewaterUnder 2.5 Pass TDs + INTs = 85 PTS
Mike DavisOver 0.5 Rush TDs + Rec. TDs = 100 PTS
Robby AndersonOver 71.5 Receiving Yards = 85 PTS
Robby AndersonOver 6.5 Receptions = 110 PTS
Joey SlyeOver 7.5 Points = 100 PTS

Yes, I know. EIGHT overs. Life is too short to take the under and of course I’m going to root for the Panthers to have themselves a night.

Check out my Twitter and the Podcast for mine and J‘s picks and send me your lineups!