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Max’s College Football Week 5 Picks

#3 Florida (-16.5) over South Carolina

This game feels like a no brainer to me. Coming off of scoring 51 points against Ole Miss last week, I expect the Gators Offense to keep rolling and Kyle Trask to stay hot against South Carolinas secondary.

#4 Georgia (-7.5) Over #7 Auburn

This game feels like a trap game, however Georgia looked like a different team last week after they made the switch from Freshmen D’Wan Mathis to Stetson Bennett. Although Auburn coming off a great win against Kentucky, I expect Bo Nix to have trouble up against one of the top defenses in the country led by Senior Safety Richard LeCounte. Bulldogs with the spread.

LOCK OF THE WEEK #18 Oklahoma (-7.5) Over Iowa State

I like this matchup a lot for Oklahoma. After coming off a brutal lose to Kansas State, I expect the Sooners to bounce back in a big way. Spencer Ratler had a tough time in his first start in conference play, but I expect a big day from him with at least 3 touchdown passes.

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MLB Playoffs Betting Picks (9/29)

With the MLB playoffs finally starting up today, here are my two picks of the day.

Yankees ML (-115) over the Indians:

The question mark remains with this Yankees is which team will show up? The most inconsistent team in baseball has the potential to be a World Series Contender on their best day, but on their worst day struggle brutally with RISP and pitching mistakes. I predict today will be one of those games where the Yankees are able to break out of their slump and win over a very good Bieber and Indians roster.

LOCK : Rays -1.5 (+105) over Blue Jays

I feel as if Vegas is not factoring in enough how good Blake Snell has been this year posting a 3.24 ERA with 63 strikeouts. Whereas Toronto is starting Matt Shoemaker, who has been brutally bad for Toronto this year with a 4.71 ERA and not even having a W under his belt. Rays by a billion, hammer the spread and thank me later.

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Nets Hire Former MVP Steve Nash to Become Head Coach

I will be honest, when I got this update from Woj I had to triple take to make sure I was reading this right. This was something that came out of nowhere, and I am very pleased with this decision. This checks most of all the box’s for who I want to coach this team.

For this team in particular, it is most important that the superstars are happy with the decision. Kevin Durant and Nash have a relationship back when Nash was a consultant for Golden State a few years back. Kyrie and Nash don’t have a known relationship, but I am assuming Kyrie has a lot of respect for Nash. I also think that bringing in Nash is great for Kyrie, as learning from one of the greatest point guards with one of the greatest work ethics I have ever seen in my life will only benefit Kyrie. The next box that Nash checks is a not only a great former player (a back to back MVP), but a basketball genius that I am extremely confident his knowledge of the game makes him capable of being a great head coach.

The concerns that I have with Nash is with a lack of coaching experience, how will he command the locker room? How will he implement his basketball knowledge into being a head coach? Running a team through the point guard and being an extension of a head coach is much different from actually being the head coach.

With all of the concerns being stated, I am overall excitedly optimistic about this move. Putting aside my bias about Nash being one of my favorite players growing up, I suspect that this is one of the best moves that Brooklyn could’ve made.

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The Future is Finally Bright in Brooklyn

For many years, Iife as a Brooklyn/New Jersey Nets fan has been difficult. Since the Jason Kidd era, we had to watch teams like the 2009 team win 12 games with Devin Harris as our best player and still miss out on the first pick (which turned out to be John Wall). We had watch Billy King make multiple trades that would make the hole that we were in grow even deeper. The most painful being the trade that would give Boston four first round picks, that would in turn give Boston the opportunity to build a strong young core in Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown while only getting back Jason Terry, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce way past their prime. I won’t even get into the fact they could’ve had Damian Lillard if they didn’t trade for Gerald Wallace, but I digress. The Nets finally have the potential to do something good, which will finally put this nightmare to rest. Let’s see how they made it to this point.

First and foremost, they hired Sean Marks to become their GM. Marks, with a history of being apart of a good basketball culture in San Antonio, brought that ideology to Brooklyn. The most incredible thing that Marks did in my opinion, was he realized the only asset Brooklyn had was an excess of money with nothing to do with it. Marks used that money to trade with teams for drafts picks that we still did not have from that Billy King trade years ago. By leveraging money to get draft picks from teams who had contracts they wanted to get rid of. These young players would turn out to be quality pieces for the Nets such as Jarret Allen and Rodions Kurucs. While also trading for a very young and talented player in D’Angelo Russell, and resigning and building up Joe Harris, Spencer Dinwiddie and Caris Levert into quality pieces. All of these factors are a very important part of the story into where we are now.

Everybody knows that you can not win in this league without a superstar, but how do you get a superstar to want to join your team? You build up a culture that it is evident around the league that the players want to be there, and are just that superstar piece away from being a true contender. D’Angelo Russell was a great young player, but him being the best player on a playoff team at that point in his career speaks magnitude to the group of players the Nets had in that organization. This is exactly how the Nets were able to sign Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Everybody forgets how good Kevin Durant is and to a lesser extent how good Kyrie Irving is (playing only 20 games last season). Make no mistake about it, the future is bright in Brooklyn. Let everyone get their jokes off now, because when Kevin Durant starts scoring they way he did before he got hurt, and Kyrie Irving proves again that he is an amazing Robin to Batman; we will be the ones laughing.