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The First of Many

Welcome to The Vig!

As most of you know, The Vig is a sports gambling podcast co-hosted by myself and J.  We cover all major sports, some not-so-major sports and pretty much whatever funny stories of the week are on our mind.  At the end of the day, if you can gamble on it, we cover it.

Lately, we’ve been looking to get some more content out in the best way possible and we figured there’s no better way to get that done than creating our own site.  If you’ve read our previous articles, then you should pretty much know what to expect.  J and I will mainly be posting a ton of gambling picks and our reasons behind them.  We’re both bringing on some of our longtime friends to do some writing for us as well.  In the words of Michael Scott, “They always say that it is a mistake to hire your friends and they are right.  So, I hired my best friends.” 

To be fair this is more of a volunteer job at best on their part, but I’ll squeeze an Office reference anywhere it’ll fit.

On top of bringing some of our friends aboard we’ll als – *glass shatters* Wait, is that Big Zaddy’s music?  That’s right folks, fan-favorite and recurring guest of the program, Big Zaddy will be writing for us as well.  If that doesn’t skyrocket our pageviews, I don’t know what will.

Alongside gambling articles we’ll have fresh new podcasts, general news, hot takes and more.  What I’m most excited about is getting some fresh content out there.  Between my 100-putt-challenge and J’s 3-point-challenge, we’ve got some great videos to come.

Cheers to our day 1 fan’s who are reading this and to our new fans:  Welcome aboard.

For the love of gambling, this is The Vig.

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