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With 15 years of gambling experience and 8 years of professional work in athletics, J brings the behind the scenes sports knowledge.


As a lifelong sports fan and a degenerate gambler by nature; “Uncle Billy” applies his professional finance experience to the world of sports gambling.


Week 14 CFB Picks
Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving – we are back! I'm now 30-28-1 on the season which is the first time I've been over .500 all year. It's better to get hot late than never get hot at all! …
CFB Week 12 Picks
Back to back 4-1 weeks!  24-25-1 overall and I'm officially back in this thing.  Let’s get over the hump this week.  Also, my apologies for not writing an article last week, but if you are here from Reddit, you should …
Florida Man Destroys Camera in Fit of Rage
Perhaps the least talked about aspect of Antonio Brown signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was the fact that he perfectly embodies the “Florida Man” meme.  Manic, unstable, predictably unpredictable and immensely entertaining.  AB's “Florida Man” moment has quickly arrived. …

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