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With 15 years of gambling experience and 8 years of professional work in athletics, J brings the behind the scenes sports knowledge.


As a lifelong sports fan and a degenerate gambler by nature; “Uncle Billy” applies his professional finance experience to the world of sports gambling.


Fins Up – Tua is Growing Before Our Eyes.
First of all, I am a huge Fitzmagic fan. Fitz has been a major asset to the Miami Dolphins from the day he walked into the locker room. He brought experience, class, and positivity to a team and fan base …
Can the Carolina Panthers Finally Do Right by Cam Newton?
A Pattern of Disrespect and Inappropriate Behavior As a lifelong Panthers fan, I've witnessed the organization's mistreatment of some of the greatest players to ever grace the field in Charlotte. First, it was releasing Steve Smith Sr., arguably the best …
CFB Week 15 Picks
Hello, week 15! I went 3-2 last week to move to 33-30-1 on the season. Not terrible all things considered. With only 2 more weeks of regular season and then on to bowl season, we need to widen this gap. …

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